Friday, June 16, 2017

How To Stay As A Motivated Student?

Have you ever felt jealous of the bright students or even developed an inferiority complex about being a loser, as teased by others? What is special about the successful students that you lack?

The common say on this which you would've heard over and over again is, "If you study well, everyone will want to make friends with you." Although this might sound like a motivating line, for some it is a curse as they tend to develop a complex that they had deserved the loser position for their inability to excel in academics and can never be one among those happy students due to their lag.

Truth is, only if you are happy, you can do things better. Only if you have friends and have a satisfaction of being respected can you gain the strength to achieve academically? How can you make it happen? Here is the secret to success, read the given tips to climb the success ladder efficiently and stay a motivated student.

How To Stay As A Motivated Student

Work on Confidence

Self-confidence is an integral factor for you to be happy in life, be it inside or outside academics. Make friends outside your circle to first understand that you are capable of socializing and let your classmates acknowledge it. Making friends gives you a feeling of being wanted and lets you be happy and peaceful. With this mindset if you sit to study, you will definitely get the focus and hit the bull's eye.
Don't be afraid of competitions

In a ranking system, a competition is something that is already there and continuous low ranks might try to push you off the cliff to make you give up. Only when you taste the feeling of being up, will you be motivated to keep moving up further. Most often the fear of failure is bigger than the failure itself. So, stop getting panicky and just give your best. If you keep doing the same thing, you will keep getting the same results. So devise a new strategy and try it out, its okay if it doesn't work. But facing it bravely matters. Convert your challenges into opportunities to do new things.
Show off your strengths

Out of the so many subjects that you study, you will definitely be good in one or few than the others. Find out what you love the most and sharpen your knowledge about it. This way, you would become an expert in one subject, gaining the reverence of the other students. This will be a chance for you to prove that you are capable of excelling when you want to.
Reach out to teachers

When you identify your weakness, say an inability to understand a subject or crack the tough sum in your homework, it is advisable for you to directly talk to your teachers about it. They will not only help you out but also appreciate your effort to do well in their subject and feed you more motivation.


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