Friday, June 16, 2017

Common Things A College Fresher Must Do

After the long summer holidays, colleges will re-open and...? The teeny weeny dreamy eyed freshers will enter their adult life as college freshers with so many aspirations and expectations. Here are few things that a college fresher needs to know as you enter into your new epoch.
Check ground reality

There are n number of movies that would have shown you how 'cool' college life is. But you need to check with the real college life as how it is in actual for you to adapt accordingly. Some professional colleges are much like the repetition of a school life, there are no extra curriculars or socializing, a mundane lifestyle. So before you open up your colorful lifestyle in the new environment, get to know it and then react accordingly.
Shop for attire

Yes, you know that the crop top or tank top is in trend and it is the best attire for a fashionista. But hold your urge to flaunt it. Do your classmates know to appreciate it or are they going to make fun of you because of their poor taste or background?

You can definitely be ostentatious with dressing but know the best place to be. Also, bear in mind your college dress code. You don't want to be embarrassed by a staff on 'disciplining' you with dressing, do you? Know your dress code well and try to bring the best out of it. Say for instance salwar kameez is your dress code, you can look for trendy tops, leggings, and dupatta. Also, make sure to try it out before buying it and pick wisely.

Common Things a College Fresher Must Do

Divide fun and learning

When you enter college, there are so many stereotypical norms such as no spoon feeding (literal meaning being that lecturers will not teach anything valuable), no all the time studying (some unofficial certificate to make you act like your adult peers), no listening to lectures (why still act like a kid?) and so on. Yes, you want to be in the league, but being unique never goes out of fashion, which means, you need not necessarily follow the bull shit and do what is best for you.
When you feel some subject is difficult for you to study, it is okay to reach out to the lecturers and persuade them to clear your doubts rather than shying off from asking because you know they themselves are not good at the subject. Still, why should you ask them? Because asking them will either please them to help you or get you a record to complain to the management about the inefficiency of the teacher.


Ragging is illegal. But you need to first find out the attitude of your seniors and the customary ragging system if it is done for mingling or putting down the juniors. In case there is some serious insulting going on, you should either stay away or report it. But if it is something silly like making you sing or speak, be a sport and don't get offended, they are probably trying to break the ice with you and make friends. Anyway, be prepared for both scenarios and act accordingly.
Eve Teasing

If you are from an all girls school who recently joined a co-ed college, you might not know how to react to certain things. The most common reaction would be ignoring the cat calls or teasing. But it is important for you to know that these things are not attempts to mingle with you but compromise your dignity. Any such acts could be demeaning and must not be tolerated, report it to the management immediately. Young boys like to show off that they are powerful and would ground you if you complained, but they really are NOT. They are just trying to portray powerful while in actuality weak. Make use of their weakness and you be on the stronger side. Let them know not to mess with you.


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