Friday, December 18, 2009

Expert Methods are used by Journalists To Become Popular in Social Media

There are a lot of articles out there about how to pitch journalists and build relationships with them. And now that social media is so prevalent, many PR pros wonder how it fits into the formula. An infographic from Cision has some answers. It illustrates how journalists in the U.S. use social media and view their relationships with PR pros.

For example, only 25 percent of journalists prefer to be contacted via social media. Thirty-three percent prefer the phone, and a whopping 82 percent prefer email.

But journalists do use social media for their jobs. Here's how:
Publishing: 84 percent
Sourcing: 81 percent
Networking: 80 percent
Monitoring: 73 percent
Verifying: 64 percent
Here is an infographic to describe works of journalist in Social media 
If you're looking to catch a journalist on social media and want to know when he or she will be online, know that 55 percent of journalists spend 1-2 hours per work day on social media. Only 19 percent spend 2-4 hours on social media per work day, and 10 percent spend no time on social media at all while at work.


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